Effect of anti-inflamentation extracts from Korean traditional medicinal herb


Zhang Xiaowan, Park Younjin, Choe Yeongho, Kim Byeongsoo




Five Mix Plant Extracts according to different extraction solvents were assessed for its cell viability and anti-inflammatory activity by in vitro methods. The single plant extract was extracted with 70% ethanol(EtOH) and the mix plants(C.kousa, R.multiflora, T.nucifera, M.basjoo and S.glabra) were extracted with EtOH 30%, 70%; Butylene Glycol(BG) 30%, 70%; Propylene Glycol(PG) 30%, 70%; Distilled Water(D.W). Cell viability was measured using the Micro culture tetrazolium (MTT) assay method and Human fibroblast cells, CCD 1102 KERTr were used. The plant extracts with the maximum concentration that none toxic to the cells were evaluated for anti-inflammatory activity. Anti-inflammatory activity was evaluated using lipoxygenase inhibition assay method. A dose response curve was plotted to determine the IC50 values. Results showed that, at the 5 kinds of single plant extracts by 70% EtOH extraction solvent, it showed the IC50 was 280ug/ml of S1, 370ug/ml of S2, 380ug/ml of S3, 170ug/ml of S4 and 190ug/ml of S5. At the mix plant extracts by 7 kinds of extraction solvents (70%, 30% EtOH; 70%, 30% BG; 70%, 30% PG; D.W), it showed the IC50 was 140ug/ml of M E70, 140ug/ml of M E30, 120ug/ml of M BG70, 110ug/ml of M BG30, 120ug/ml of M PG70, 136ug/ml of M PG30 and 120ug/ml of M D.W. From the results, it is concluded that when these five plants mixed before extraction, it will extract more active ingredients with anti-inflammatory effects. Further study we will analyzing plants effective single compound using high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) profiling and progressing the experiments in vivo.




anti inflamentation


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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.7439/ijpr.v4i3.114

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