Venu Gopal Yerragunta, Ravindernath A, Kalpana G, Prabhakar Reddy V


doi: 10.7439/ijpp.v2i2.394




Methanolic extract of Cleome viscosa (Cappareace)(MECV) wasevaluate for Antitumor activity using EAC bearing Swissa albino mice. The extract administered at a dose of 200 and 400 mg/kg body weight about for 14 days after 24 hr of inoculation.After 18 h of last dose animals were sacrifed then estimated for various tumor growth parameters like increase in life span,mean survival time, tumor volume, heamotological parameters. The tumor beraing mice has shown abnormal pattern of hemological parameters and decreased life span of tumor bearing mice.The extracts treatent broght back all the abnormal parameters of tumor bearing animals to normal. The results indicated that MECV exhibited antitumor activity against EAC bearing mice.




Cleome viscosa;Ehrlich Ascites carcinoma;Antitumor




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