Study of mode of entry of recurrent laryngeal nerve into the larynx – Cadaveric study



  • Rajashekhar Dundaraddy

    Department of Anatomy,
    Karnataka Institute of Medical Sciences Hubli (Karnataka)

  • Sumana R

    Department of Anatomy,
    Karuna Medical College Vilayodi, Palakkad 678103 Kerala, India



The Recurrent laryngeal nerve being the main motor nerve of the larynx supplying all the intrinsic muscles of larynx except the cricothyroid, is extremely sensitive to trauma with slight traction of the nerve leading to either temporary or permanent paralysis of intrinsic muscles. It is extremely vulnerable to damage during the Thyroidectomy procedures leading to hoarseness of voice. During the present study more importance is given to the mode of entry of the Recurrent laryngeal nerve in to the larynx as extra laryngeal division of the nerve is seen more offen than rare.


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Vol. 8 No. 2 (2017): Feb


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