Infrastructures and analysis of image processing technique used for enhancement image applicaton process in electronics engineering


Jyoti Dadwal, Bhubneshwar Sharma




Principle objective of Image enhancement is to process an image so that result is more suitable than original image for specific application. image enhancement used in Quality Control, Problem Diagnostics, Research and Development, Insurance Risk Assessment, Risk Management Programme, Digital infrared thermal imaging in health care, Surveillance in security, law enforcement and defence. Various enhancement schemes are used for enhancing an image which includes gray scale manipulation, filtering and Histogram Equalization (HE), fast   Fourier transform. Image enhancement is the process of making images more useful. The reasons for doing this include, Highlighting interesting detail in images, removing noise from images, making images more visually appealing, edge enhancement and increase the contrast of the image.




Image enhancement, histogram equalisation, linear filtering, adaptive filtering, fast Fourier transform, opening and closing


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