Formulation and evaluation of herbal face pack for glowing skin



  • Avinash O. Maske

    Department of P

  • Manisha Pandhare

    Department of P

  • Ashwin D. Wanjari

    Assistant Professor, Department of Pharmacology, Bajiraoji Karanjekar College of Pharmacy Sakoli Distt. Bhandara. (M.S.)



Skin, Herbal face pack, Formulation, Evaluation


The aim of this work is to formulate and evaluate an herbal face pack for glowing skin by using natural herbal ingredients. The natural herbal ingredients such as multani mitti, turmeric, sandalwood, saffron, milk powder, rice flour, orange peel were purchased from local market in the form of dried powder. The powder of banana peel was prepared by shade drying commercially, all powdered natural ingredients were sieved using #120 mesh, weighed accurately and mixed geometrically for uniform formulation and then evaluated for parameters including morphological, physicochemical, physical, phytochemical, irritancy along with stability examination. Thus, in the present work, we formulated a herbal face pack which can be easily made with the easily available ingredients. After evaluation, we found good properties for the face packs, free from skin irritation and maintained its consistency even after stability storage conditions. Results of the study scientifically verified that herbal face pack having enough potential to give efficient glowing effect on skin. The overall study is useful to substantiate product claims due its useful benefits on the human beings.


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